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Posted in Workbook by Erin Lawlor on the May 22nd, 2009

A few months ago I proposed the idea of selling a workbook for the purposes of supporting this site.   I changed the dates and then just never delivered the workbook.

This is what happened.  I wrote it and agonized over its release because there is always just one more thing I want to add.  It has sat quietly in my files for over a month waiting for me to release it and now I am going to set it free (so to speak).  I just finished reviewing it and changing a key word in it that was troubling me and if you would like a copy, Click Here for the .pdf. Please remember to send me some feedback.  I promise that I will not share or use your email address for any reason unless you request it from me.

I will provide the workbook for free for now.  If you feel that you’ve benefited from my work and would like to return some benefit to me there will be an optional donate button on the site.

My own review.  I think the workbook has great substance and is very useful. It is not a practical how-to workbook for bookkeeping, it is a how-to-understand accounting workbook.  The forms I included are far from perfect in appearance but they are useful and illustrate my points well.  I do think I ran out of editor steam towards the end and it isn’t as engaging at the end as I think it is in the beginning.  I will probably work through those issues and try to improve it as I receive feedback.

Thank you for continuing to visit my site and I sincerely hope that it has been of help to you.


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